Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics

DSC_0540The aim of our research is the development of tools and establishment of methodologies for investigation of the ultrafast events that are caused by electrons inside atoms, molecules, solids and biological matter. The power of attoscience and ultrafast optics lies in the incredible time resolution that gives access to observing the triggering events that are caused by electronic rearrangement and ultimately lead, at hugely varying temporal scales, to molecular dissociation, chemical reactions, excitonic energy transfer or even biological function.
Our research is diverse and includes pioneering development of new sources of high power and intense few-cycle pulses and frequency combs at long wavelengths up to the long wave infrared regime. These sources are key enablers for coherent soft-X-ray generation across the water window (300-500 eV) and attosecond emission below the atomic unit of time (24 as). These sources enable element selective and time resolved measurements, lensless imaging as well as using electron recollision to image bond distances in molecules.
Our group is highly international and mainly consists of PhD students and postdocs. We also offer Masters and Bachelor projects and host a few interns per year.
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