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PhD position in ultrafast laser physics and nonlinear optics

Project description: The Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics group, led by Prof. Jens Biegert, develops novel high-intensity quasi-monocycle mid-IR light sources which constitute the next generation of  sources driving attosecond hard-X-Ray science and laser-matter interaction.

Our research program on long-wave OPCPA is a continuation of our pioneering work on single-cycle and CEP-stable mid-IR OPCPA with which a new generation of light sources has been introduced. The research will draw from our unique experience including theoretical and experimental tools, as well as on patented concepts, to develop long-wave OPCPA with CEP control and few-cycle pulse duration whilst significantly advancing high average laser power. The success of the project will have impact across the fields of attoscience, ultrafast laser physics and nonlinear optics with strong potential for high scientific output as well as industrial collaboration.

Environment: The applicant will join our group which consists of a highly motivated team of scientists with state-of-the art equipment. Our experimental environment includes several unique and cutting edge few-cycle intense light sources, largely based on OPCPA, with special emphasis on wavelengths in the mid-IR and CEP stability. We are embedded in several prominent national, European and international networks and collaborations which ensures a vibrant and stimulating research environment. Our general research is concerned with a variety of topics ranging from ultrafast laser physics to extreme nonlinear optics and strong field atomic and molecular physics.

Qualification: We are seeking enthusiastic candidates with interest in ultrafast pulse generation and their metrology, nonlinear optics and OPCPA. Diligent work ethic as well as a strong desire for problem solving and team work is beneficial. The candidate must hold a Masters degree or equivalent qualification for admission to the PhD program.

Contact: Candidates should forward a CV and references to jens.biegert@icfo.eu.

Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics: atto.icfo.eu

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